Nadia Kapri: Victoria University Achievement – Invergowrie Foundation Scholarship Recipient 2010

Nadia Kapri

Nadia completed her Bachelor of Psychological studies with high distinction in 2012. An outstanding student, she was Valedictorian at her graduation. Following the achievement of her degree she continued to demonstrate exceptional qualities with her involvement at the Doxa Youth Foundation, providing disadvantaged young people with educational opportunities.

Motivated to continue with her studies Nadia is currently undertaking Honours, with a desire to gain a Masters degree before practicing as a qualified psychologist.

Nadia always had the goal to go to university, but just didn’t believe it was possible. She was awarded the Victoria University Achievement – Invergowrie Foundation Scholarship in 2010 and eagerly accepted all the opportunities presented to her. It was an honour for Nadia to receive the Scholarship, a reward for her hard work and dedication.

The award of the Achievement Scholarship allowed Nadia to do ‘that little bit more’ at university. It was not only the monetary value that proved important to Nadia’s progress but as a scholar she was able to cultivate invaluable life building skills including public speaking and develop a sense of place and confidence through leadership courses available as part of her scholarship program.

Nadia completed the final semester of her Bachelor of Psychological Studies at the University of Texas, El Paso (UTEP) through Victoria University’s student exchange program. At UTEP, not only was she an ‘A’ student, she also embraced the culture of University life as an intern, working at the Student Development Centre.

Before returning to Australia, Nadia was able to travel to other parts of the Americas, including Mexico, and participated in a volunteer program teaching English in an orphanage in Guatemala.

Nadia is extremely grateful for the generosity of The Invergowrie Foundation. The award of the Scholarship has allowed her to fulfil her ambition of an university education and realise her full potential. Nadia feels it is a huge privilege now to be able to put ‘Achievement Scholar’ on her resume.